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Dear Paradise View Estates Customers,


In September 2019, Valencia Heights Water Company (Valencia) received notice that Los Angeles County Waterworks (County) would be increasing their water rates and charges for the water we purchase to serve the Paradise View Estates; approximately four percent (4%). 


The Board of Directors is doing their best to control the continued increase in water rates; however, we cannot control the increase in the cost to purchase water. After a rate review, the Board concluded that an increase of the water charges; along with a minimal increase to the monthly meter service charge would be necessary to meet the budget requirements of the Malibu water system. The new water rates are nearly all a result of the increased charges from the County and the cost of purchased water.  The new water rates will become effective November 13, 2019.


 2019 Residential Tier Water Rates for Malibu System

Units, 100 Cubic Feet / VHWC New Water Rate

(HCF)/ $/HCF


0-20 $8.20
21-50 $9.30


81-100 $16.14
100+ $19.89


2019 Monthly Service Charge for Malibu System

Monthly Meter Charge 3/4" Meter

New Monthly Service Charge $31.67


If you should have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to call the office at (626) 332-8935.

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