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Recurring/Automatic Bill Payment FAQs

Why Sign Up for Recurring Automatic Bill Payment?

By signing up for Recurring/Automatic Bill Payment, you insure that your payment will be made on-time every month. You will save on postage, time, trees (envelopes) and money. Go Green, Go Automatic!

Will I Continue to Receive a Monthly Bill?

Yes!  Your monthly bill will be mailed to you more than 10 days before the payment is automatically deducted from your bank account.  Payment will be deducted from your bank account on or about the 18th of every month.  You will be able to review your bill and notify us if you have any questions.  If for any reason there is a billing dispute, you may contact VHWC prior to the automatic withdrawal date and resolve the dispute before the payment is withdrawn from your bank account.

How Do I Discontinue Participation in the Program?

To discontinue participation in the program, please complete the Cancellation Form available on our website or at our office. A written request to the VHWC is necessary to terminate your automatic payment.  You may also remove your ACH information if you are registered user on the water account portal.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply complete the Recurring/Automatic Payment Application form, attach a blank voided check and return to VHWC.  You may also sign up for Autopay by registering your water account online by clicking on the Pay Bill icon.  While in your account portal, you can add your bank account information or Credit Card number ($3 processing fee applies for each credit card payment) and we will take care of the rest. 

When Will My Automatic Bill Payment Begin?

Please pay your current bill in full.  The Recurring/Automatic Payment will be effective the following month.  If your account does not have a zero balance at the time the Automatic Payment is scheduled to begin, the first automatic payment will include the entire outstanding balance.



Any uncollectible amounts will be charged $20.00 Non-sufficient Fund Charge.

Acknowledgment of Terms & Conditions

Filling out and submitting either of the downloadable forms below, expressly acknowledges that you have read and agreed to the the information above.

What Methods of Payment Can I use?

If you are completing a paper application in the office, you can only use your checking account (no fee).  If you are signing up online via your water account portal, you can use your checking account (no fee) or a Visa, MasterCard or Discover ($3 processing fee applies for each credit card payment)

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