Valencia Heights Water Company

How to Read Your Meter

Most water meters are located at the curb or in front of the home, in a rectangular box with either a plastic black or green lid or a concrete cover which lies flush with the ground. If you cannot locate your meter and would like help, then please call our office for further assistance.


To read your meter, lift the meter box lid (screwdriver helps). Please beware of any bees, spiders, bugs, snakes or rodents that can sometimes be found in the box. From left to right, write down all the digits shaded in white. Take the last reading from your water bill and subtract it from the current reading and the difference will determine your up-to-date consumption.


(See diagram)


Checking For Leaks


The water meter has a blue/red triangle or a small gear on the register. This triangle or small gear indicates any flow passing through the meter.  If no water is being used in the home or outside and the triangle or small gear is spinning, you may have a water leak.  If you cannot locate a leak you may want to contact a plumber.  If you need further direction, please contact our office.  We recommend that you sign up to view your water usage online.



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